Reactive targets in a high stress environment

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1.) Room full of people with guns. Don’t be surprised if there are a few rules. Rules can be your friend.
2.) If you show up after the match starts, and you don’t know the rules, and you are unfamiliar with your weapon, and you only have one magazine, and it’s not loaded, and you have never shot plates before, you will have to have some patience with us. We try.
3.) Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them.
4.) If someone tells you that you are doing something wrong, don’t get your panties in a bunch. There is a very slim possibility they might be right.
5.) If you think you know it all, you will be very irritating to those of us who do.
6.) If you show up your first time expecting to win, you better be good at handling disappointment. Or if not, win. Or both.
7.) You will either get beaten by someone better then you, or you will get beaten by someone worse then you. Be a good sport either way.
8.) If you do happen to defy all odds and win, be a good sport about it. (Not like me!)
9.) Match structure is specifically designed to pit you against the very best shooters. Every match. Sometimes twice. Even if we have to fudge the board. It’s for your own good. Trust me.
10.) If you don’t want to shoot weak hand, one hand, or what ever the challenge is, that’s OK, Most of us are pretty good with both hands as well.